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Jan 10, 2008

Script Coverage Writers Needed!

B=X is looking for Script Coverage Writers to help conduct an experiment in motion picture funding. To help us with the Beta of our latest film funding model we need writers who have had experience in covering feature film scripts.

We are conducting an experiment to determine if aggregating script coverage that is given a numerical value can be used in cooperation with other empirical data to predict a films chance for success. Other groups have tried this in the past, some with writers involved without other data and some basing it merely on the writers comments. We feel that as film is a collaborative process there needs to be a combination of all values that go into the equation. Our problem is: What is the weight of each variable?

All people that participate in the BETA will be given an equal share in the revenue off of the first film that is selected by this mechanism. If this interests you or you know of someone who might find this an innovative idea please have them contact me here at the Blog or at district35@hotmail.com

Please be sure to include your name and contact info so that we may contact you to discuss our process.


agata said...

Hello David,
I am interested in your project. I am a screenwriter and I work as a script consultant in Greece. Send me more info about the project.

massimo said...

Hi David,

I would like to know more details about the B=X project. Could you send me some info, please?
I am an Italian teacher and filmmaker living in Wales.

Thank you,