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Jan 5, 2008

crunchy development

"The creative process is still important, but creativity is literally an input to the testing process"

Ian Ayres - Author of Supercrunchers

After continuing my own research on the ability to predetermine whether a film has an increased probability of ROI after it has been crunched from a series of data sets pertaining to the films content, producers, locations and about 47 other variables...I now know that very soon I should be able to deliver the first method of motion picture development that starts and ends with crunching data. Not to say that there are intuitive bits that are then converted into data to create a balanced approach to the overall equation, but the majority of the results thus far are beginning to look like they stem from empirical data sets.

This of course is being done as over the years as the "value" of cinema and motion pictures quickly plummets towards ZERO, there is a concern as to how movies will get funded in the future with piracy reaching levels of close to 7 Billion USD this year.

Banks, Funds, Studios, and Distributors will be looking for better reasons to put money into films that cost 100M+ dollars and this will be one of those ways to predicate whether it has the chance of making it in world after the pirates have had at it.

B=X is my blog and B is for Biracy, a movement that I have created to reinvent the ownership structure, financing and delivery of media based projects. X is the multiple or rate of return a project has once it has been inside this system.

Stay tuned for more updates....


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