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Jan 15, 2008

equity V deferral

Hey Indie Crew People! How many times have you heard this "come out on my show on deferral and I'll pay you once the film makes money"? There is a clever word in there that producers like to use and that is "deferral". The actual word should be "equity" as this is truly what you are doing is performing your task related to the films production for a piece of the action. If the act was a deferral you could or should in fact be able to put a lien on the producers assets IE: House, car, membership at the club, etc etc for asset until you get paid.

The producer of course, in most cases never sees a profit and that is why deferred payment is becoming a contentious word and issue with talented crafts people in the industry of media production.

That being said, as budgets shrink and piracy looms how do you make it comfortable for crew to invest time (key word being invest) into a potential cash flow positive film?

Over here at B=X we are developing that model. So...if you are a media person, join this blog and tell me a bit about yourself. I need about 1000 people to sign up for our beta which will be launching soon.

thanks and stay tuned for more updates on the BIRACY movement.

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