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Oct 7, 2009

A letter to Information from his father

Hey Information!

I hear that you want to be FREE. Well guess what pal...I go to work all day every day to put you out there so if you want to be free go hang out with your mediocre friends and let's see how you turn out. My guess is that you'll be back once you realize that nobody wants to consume you as you've been downgraded into a piece of useless schlock and your direct competition for consumption is some guy puking, an overdubbed slide show of sailboats playing "come sail away" by STYX or some dorito eating tubby schmaltz doing his best impression of a rhino humping a hippo with his backcombed hair brained hussy at a wedding shot on an iPod Nano.

I'm citing the tough love riot act on you pal. Perhaps what you really need is to hit rock bottom. Maybe then you'll realize that music, journalism, films, videogames, software and other things that can "distributed" for free...still need to be developed and manufactured first. Good luck making it in the world without a good foundation that pushes you in the right direction.

If you can get over your smart ass attitude you can come home. By the way....we've moved. You can find us at www.biracy.com

Love Dad

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Ian J. MacLeod said...

We need more of this tough love! Pass it on!