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Oct 22, 2009

GMX Market for Films

Yesterday I was given a tour of the new GMX Market, an online tool that connects buyers and sellers of films in a private online forum.

The site tour was really interesting and is run by a well managed media company known as Ascent Media. The site allows producers, who have content to build a profile and negotiate rights deals across many of the windows and deliverable methods.

As a producer I was able to research the buyers online and make direct contact with the acquisitions manager. This is great as everyone knows that this could eliminate the costly trips that are required 3-5 times a year to attend markets. If all of the buyers can now log in and be purchasing directly this will reduce costs to the producer and leave more money in the pockets of film investors that are finding it tough to write checks to indies.

GMX essentially provides you with all the tools and for this they will charge a fee. I believe the fee is somewhere around 7-9% and is based on a sliding scale. This is also great as it will allow producers to represent themselves and remove the costly sales agent, sub distributor, or aggregator.

From the tour I was given, I was told the project is still in BETA but the plan is to also implement an online transaction process.

As a company we are moving forward with our crowdfunding platform. That being said I will be sure to research this model for any and all product we produce for selling into foreign and complex markets.

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