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Feb 1, 2008

Semantic Web Film Trust

One of the biggest problems that is trying to be solved at the moment is that of the functional semantic web. Below is an interesting Abstract and paper from Jennifer Goldbeck on her proposal for a website called Filmtrust. Its worth a read as in the future it will be a critical component to the future of motion picture finance.

Generating Predictive Movie Recommendations
from Trust in Social Networks


Social networks are growing in number and size, with
hundreds of millions of user accounts among them. One added
benefit of these networks is that they allow users to encode more
information about their relationships than just stating who they
know. In this work, we are particularly interested in trust
relationships, and how they can be used in designing interfaces. In
this paper, we present FilmTrust, a website that uses trust in webbased
social networks to create predictive movie recommendations.
Using the FilmTrust system as a foundation, we show that these
recommendations are more accurate than other techniques when the
user's opinions about a film are divergent from the average. We
discuss this technique both as an application of social network
analysis, as well as how it suggests other analyses that can be
performed to help improve collaborative filtering algorithms of all

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