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Feb 15, 2008

pseudo metcalfe experiment

Ok...lets assume that we all know a bit about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metcalfe's_law.

In the world of film piracy where most of the complaints come from people who feel:

1. They are being gouged on ticket and DVD prices from studios and that they are not getting value for their money, and

2. Overseas economies are having to pay up to a days or sometimes a weeks wages to have access to quality cinema....

there is a need to offer incentives to go to the cinema again, all the while creating the funding for the movie so that it can get made with the best available skilled people.

If one person was able to own a fractional piece of a film by pre-buying this film at a set price of say 10 dollars, and then as a result of that was given the right to market the finished film at a reduced price to the audience at fair market value as the film would essentially be debt free at delivery....and lets say that person was rewarded an affiliate coupon for doing this work at say 10% of the purchase price...lets do the math.

Tom is one of 500,000 people who pre-buy the next Philip Seymour Hoffman movie at 10 bucks thus making the film funded to the amount of 5MUSD.

Tom knows, and his friends know that they can buy the finished film off Tom for 5 bucks once the movies is finished and Tom receives .50 cents for his effort. If Tom attracts 20 friends he can now take that 10 dollars and put it back into the system or use it to purchase other goods in the media cycle.

If enough people play this game then most people can have access to films they want to see and are also fractional owners...which makes them aware of piracy and how destructive it can be as they will be affected by it albeit at a micro level.

This is part of the Biracy Movement and is what we are building online. We are not visible as of yet but if this interests you...reach out and tell me your thoughts.


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