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May 25, 2009

assumptions for new world cinema

1. Movies are no longer art. They are entertainment.
2. Stars are corporations that are now controlled by the public and are "performance" based.
3. TV is no longer an ad based platform and is 100% subscription based and a la carte
4. DVD is dead, as is all tactile and collectible types of entertainment.
5. Retail outlets are gone.
6. The semantic web allows you to engage and build projects with filmmakers within a democratic process.
7. Movie theaters become shrines to go and engage with the finished product on even bigger screens.
8. Subscription fees for movies can be earned through rewards in spending in other industries ie: food, travel, financial services....
9. People create passive secondary incomes by engaging in the system that creates these movies.
10. Storytelling becomes once again "The Oldest Profession in the World" and steals the title from Prostitution.

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