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Feb 26, 2009

Scarcity and Abundance Update

This is a very short post. Over the past 10 years here is what has happened in independent film economies.

1.The number of films that have been made have increased 10X
2. films that have been released have been reduced to half of what they were in 1998 or 20X.
3. film rents and wholesale DVD pricing has dropped by 300%
4. advertising budgets are shrinking
5. people's time has become scarce in the search process for good content.
6. private money has dried up.
7. soft money initiatives for labor based spending are drying up as a result of the weakening economy.
8. Piracy is up.
9. Piracy is O.K.
10. P&A is now a mandatory part of your budget.

If someone has a solution for this problem....please let me know.

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