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Sep 28, 2008

Murdoch and Syme Capital Partners set to launch new film financing method

After 12 months of due diligence raising fund awareness and completing exhausting legal and accounting work, a new boutique firm known as Murdoch & Syme Capital Partners will be launching the first Principal Protected Private Venture Fund (P3V Fund). Shares in the fund will be available to accredited investors only and come in around 150K per unit.

The fund is privately managed, and is expected to fund 3- 5 films per year in the 8-20MUSD range.

The way the fund is set up and managed, investors will see better than average returns, annual dividends, and early liquidity options.

If you are a filmmaker or film investor, and would like more information on the fund you can contact me at the fund as I will be involved with the marketing off it at david@murdochsyme.com

Please outline in your email if you are an investor or a filmmaker with a project.


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