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Apr 26, 2008

Interior Studios Tax Credit deal for VFX driven shows

The Province of BC just announced a new tax incentive for people who wish to come to our region in beautiful wine country to shoot films. If the film is a VFX driven show it is even sweeter. i want to outline what a deal looks like for you people to come here and shoot, especially if you are a Canadian producer with your own content.

budget - 1.5MCAD
VFX budget - 500K
VFX labour - 400K
Labour on the film - 1.1MCAD

I'm assuming you are shooting an practical set with green screen environments. 

Here is what it looks like:

Provincial Credit is 53.5%  eligible labour = 588,500
Eligible labour minus this amount and multiplied by 25% gives you the federal = 127,875
The VFX labour is additionally multiplied by 15% = 60,000

Your budget is now 776,375 funded by soft money. 



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LaBlogga said...

Hi David,

Thanks for your comment on my blog re: timebanks. There is some more information about timebanks at TimeBanks.org and if you search on timebank in general.

re: your interest in innovative film finance, you may be aware of P2P film funding site, A Swarm of Angels.

Also being in Vancouver, you might be interested in meeting a colleague of mine, Johann Gevers, another futurist with interests in economics, finance and innovative business models.